Stamps of Italy and Italian Colonies

by Tony Clayton

This site was started in 2010 to provide images of interesting Italian stamps, ranging from the very common to the very rare. Stamps are mainly from my own collection, although use has been made of images provided by the Italy and Colonies Study Circle of which the author is the Packet Secretary.

The site is best viewed on a desktop or laptop, as it is not fully optimised for mobile phones yet.

I hope to add a 'For Sale' section in due course.


Italian States


Kingdom of Italy


Italian Social Republic

Base Atlantica

Base Atlantica


CLN issues


Republic of Italy


Trieste Zones A and B, etc.


Italian Colonies

Post Offices

Italian Post Offices and Occupations

San Marino

San Marino


Philatelic and Bogus Issues


Varieties in Italian Stamps


Themes in Italian Stamps (under development)

I acknowledge the Sassone catalogues, Roy Dehn's book 'Italian Stamps', and past issues of the Italy and Colonies Study Circle magazine 'Fil-Italia' which have proved to be invaluable sources of information

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Stamps of Italy
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