Stamps of the Kingdom of Italy

by Tony Clayton

The 1863 Quindici Stamps printed by Matraire

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Type 2 Subject 24

General Characteristics: Frame smudge above POSTA; dot in margin below U of QUINDICI

Type 2

Subject 24 Group 1
Dot above 1 in SW corner square; dot between frame and cartouche below first L of BOLLO; dot in centre of SE spandrel (not visible in this scan).


Subject 24 Group 2
Frame broken above L in ITALIANO.

Type 2

Subject 24 Group 3
Cartouche broken above R of FRANCO; two breaks in cartouche below DI (variable); frame and cartouche defective above POST.


Subject 24 Group 4
Break in inner frame line at right 1 mm from the top.

Type 2

Subject 24 Group 3
Another example.

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1863 Matraire issue Type 2 Subject 24
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