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Occupation of Former Austrian Territories

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Dalmatia continued to use the Trento and Trieste corona overprints until they were replaced in 1921 by similar stamps but with the overprint in a sans-serif typeface, a common cause of confusion. The exception was the 1 corona on 1 lire, which used a 'una corona' overprint from 1st May 1919 rather than the '1 corona' used previously.

1C on 1l

una corona on 1 lire, with an example of the 'small a in una' variety
Sassone 1 and 1b.

50 c

50 centesimi di corona
Sassone 5.


5 corona
This stamp is usually badly centered
Sassone 7.

1.20LdeC express

Lire 1,20 di corona Express.
This stamp was not issued as the phrase 'Lire di corona' was incorrect.
Sassone 2.

Trento and Trieste <<-- : -->> Italian Occupation of Corfu
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