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Occupation of Former Austrian Territories

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Venezia Giulia

First Issue

As with Trentino-Alto Adige. the first issue, in November 1918 consisted of overprinted Austrian stamps. The 40 heller olive is particularly scarce, but not so scarce as the top four values, 2, 3, 4 and 10 kronen. The 10 kronen is exceedingly rare, as only 37 were overprinted by hand as presentation items.

40 heller

40 heller olive
Sassone 10.

3 kronen

3 kronen rose-carmine. Variety: No stop after 18 (position 12)
Only 72 copies were printed. Sassone 16k.

10 heller

10 heller lake. Variety: No stop above 1st i in Giulia
Sassone 4l.

1 kronen

1 krone rose on yellow. Variety: No stop above 1st i in Giulia
Sassone 14l.

Second Issue

Later in 1918 Italian stamps overprinted Venezia Giulia were issued.
The 60c value is difficult to find in fine used condition.

60c used

60 centesimi carmine
Sassone 28.

Postage Due


10 centesimi postage due with overprint displaced horizontally
Sassone 2e.


5 centesimi postage due with overprint inverted
Sassone 1a.

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