Postage Stamps of Italian States

by Tony Clayton

Papal States

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The Papal States first issued stamps in 1852. They became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1871.

As I do not collect these stamps seriously as yet, these are examples that have come my way and are not in the best of condition.

1852 issue. Values in bajocchi or scudo.

1 baj

1 bajocchi, black on green
Sassone 2.

2 baj

2 bajocchi, black on greenish-white
Sassone 3Aa.

4 baj

4 bajocchi, black on yellow
Sassone 5A.

5 baj

5 bajocchi, black on light rose
Sassone 6.

7 baj

7 bajocchi, black on blue
Sassone 8.

8 baj

8 bajocchi, black on white
Sassone 9.

1 scudo

1 scudo, rose-carmine
Sassone 11.
Courtesy of the Italy and Colonies Study Circle

1867 imperforate issue. Values in centesimi.

40 c

40 centesimi, black on yellow
Sassone 19.

1868 perforated issue. Values in centesimi.

2 c

2 centesimi, black on green
Sassone 22.

40 c

10 centesimi, black on vermilion
Sassone 26.

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