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Trento and Trieste

The above two series were replaced in January 1919 by a unified series denominated in Corona which remained valid until April 1919. After that date Italian stamps in lira were used, except for Dalmatia.

The overprint was in a serif typeface, and there are many variations in the overprint, four of which are shown below.

40 c

40 centesimi di corona
'ccrona' instead of 'corona'
Sassone 7l.


10 centesimi di corona
c displaced left
Sassone 4p.


60 centesimi di corona
'00' instead of '60' error in pair with normal
Sassone 10l and 10.


45 centesimi di corona
5 displaced up (not 4 down as written in the margin)
Sassone 8o.


10 centesimi di corona
An interesting shift of the overprint
Sassone 4ud (upper stamp unlisted).
Image courtesy of the Italy & Colonies Study Circle.

Postage Due

Postage Due, 5 centesimi di corona
A block of 6 with inclined 5 in sheet position 4
Sassone 1g.

Postage Due

Postage Due, 10 centesimi di corona
A stunning block of 4 with inverted value and overprint
Sassone 2c.

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